Welcome to Kaweah Pump, Inc. We are an agricultural water resource management company. We have over 30 years of pump design, installation, well development and well rehabilitation experience. Our C- 57 pump and well drilling contractor license and our class A general engineering contractor license allows us to perform any construction and electrical work associated with your well, irrigation, industrial or municipal water project. Kaweah Pump.Inc. provides the latest in pump design and VFD technology. We have skilled employees to install, repair and manufacture any part necessary to complete your project.

Our Services


Agriculture who is who we are, we were born AG we were raised AG and we live AG. Therefore, Kaweah pump, Inc. main focus is providing repair and new installs  for Machinery and electrical for any agricultural water resources throughout the San Joaquin valley and beyond. We specialize in large horsepower variable frequency drives and deep set turbine pumps.


Municipalities require very stringent engineering and design and also demand very specific material use. We have been serving many municipalities and work closely with engineering firms to execute the correct construction and installation of municipal water projects.


Kaweah pump has long been serving the dairy industry. If a pump goes down we will be there. we understand how important water is for a dairy and will operate 24 hours a day if required.

Irrigation Districts

We work closely with irrigation districts to provide the best and most economical solution to there water needs.

Pump Efficiency Testing

When it comes to pump efficiency testing, accuracy is everything. We utilize the most current tools to measure and record pumping plant efficiency.

Escrow Pump Testing

Having a pump efficiency test done while purchasing new farm ground is a vital part of determining land value. While we do not work with  escrow companies, we will work directly with buyer or seller to provide the most accurate information regarding the agricultural pump on the property in question.

Why Kaweah Pump Inc.!


When it comes to pump work, we have a large variety of pump rigs from 5 ton to 50 ton capacities.  Even more important then the rigs, are our top notch operators. They have years of extensive on the job training and can handle any pump combination.

Certified Experience

We operate under California well drilling and pump contractor license #826935. This license requires State licensure exams and certified on the job experience.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive with other pump companies. We have a purchasing agent dedicated to finding the best prices and we purchase in bulk to provide the best possible pricing.

Our Guarantee

We are from California and we know California. We have been here for 30 years and will be here for the future. We stand behind our work, and a handshake means everything!


Our family has been in the water industry since the early 1950’s. Three generations strong!

Great Support

We’re not just a pump company. Kaweah Pump, Inc. and Kaweah Well Drilling Inc. are here to support your project from start to finish. Our class A general engineering license allows you to call and deal with just one company for your entire pump project.